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Get Nourished

With Stories of Hope + Redemption from

Women who have been THROUGH IT + 

Women who are IN IT!

  • Blueprint guide and assessment course to establish clear vision and map out the desires of your heart

  • 2 Workout ideas per week + accountability

  • Nutritional education, tips + accountability

  • Faith Based live streamed coaching videos geared toward amplifying and enhancing each area of your life, focusing on one area each month. 

  • Monthly, weekly and daily worksheets to stay on track and accountable

  • Live weekly accountability check in meetings 

  • Community of like minded women who are committed to doing the work in order to live their fullest, most fruitful lives


A Faith Based Movement of women

who need and want support Walking in Faith, Living with Intention and Residing in the TRUTH.

In October of 2017 a handful of women came together who understood the struggle of managing self care while taking care of babies and life’s other responsibilities ...


We wanted to create an environment that embraced coming as you are, throwing away excuses, letting go of perfection and deciding to enjoy the journey. 

Something that was tailored for women with a full plate of life.


So that’s what we did.

We kept showing up, no matter what, through diaper changes, breastfeeding, tantrums, tears.


We showed up.

For ourselves, for our kids and for each other.


Cultivating an environment for growth, transformation, relationships and community.


We want every woman to know that we can do hard things, we can do it messy, we can do it together and that we can be victorious.


We want to bind together a community that promotes fitness from every aspect; mind, body and soul.


In Ladies Commit to Fit we do just that.


We are so glad to have you!


Elizabeth is an ISSA  certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition.

Elizabeth grew up as the youngest of four kids and passionately pursued sports and hobbies such as barrel racing, volleyball and pole-vault.

Her passions include helping women believe in the best version of themselves and equipping them with encouragement and the tools to walk fully into THAT woman.


Elizabeth has the gift of gathering people, getting them excited and making getting into action fun. She believes we are what we repeatedly do and that doing something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

One of her favorite things to witness is women pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and embracing a growth mindset. Maybe it starts with fitness or nutrition but it sure doesn't end there.

She co-leads a free workout group for the moms in her community as a way to give back and cultivate a community for moms.

She has seen so many women become and evolve into more than they could ever thought they would be; all because of one choice, one commitment and a sisterhood to back and encourage them.

When she is not working out, working or playing with my son, you can find her on the back of her horse Olivia, that's where she  feels closest to Jesus.


"As she carries me on her back I can feel Him carrying my heart."

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Annie is a certified Life Coach and has a BA from the University of Washington in Sociology.


Annie grew up as the youngest & only girl, of 3 brothers. She is now a mom of 3 fierce, loving kids and a proud wife to a guy who inspires + challenges her to continually love bigger.


Her passion is to shine light and empower women to pursue a life worthy of their calling. As moms, when we stand in the power of who we were made to be; we have an effect like the sun. An energy and light that allows the beauty in and around us to flourish and grow. We do this first, by weeding the lies about what we believe, rooting in truth and owning our heart's call with Gratitude + Joy.


When you stand in the power of your gifts and purpose, it creates a beam of light that shines through you, positively impacting your marriage, 

family, and the communities surrounding you.

All because, YOU, one beloved daughter decided to step into the fullness of who she was made to be.


Annie is a true believer that Joy is our greatest strength. She finds joy with her family, being around others, laughing, playing, being outside and participating in sports of any kind.

This isn't just Annie's story, this is YOURS. 

You belong here, you are always worthy, full of power and forever loved.

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Walk In Faith--Believe it!

Breaking it down and getting to the HEART of why we aren't believing enough in order to walk into the person we were made to be.

Removing lies and false beliefs and speaking out what we know is true and promised to us.

We provide a real, authentic, raw environment where we together identify and remove strongholds that are limiting, intimidating and paralyzing to us. Replacing them with empowering truths in order to  proclaim victory into our future.

Live with Intention-- Act it!

Have you ever wondered why you are in the place or situation you are in? Sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle of frustration and we don't know how to get out of the cycle of we have fallen into. Creating new habits & new disciplines is a MUST in order to transform.. but without the knowledge and understanding of why we are implementing these new habits, it can be very hard to commit with a decided heart.

This is where we, together will teach, and instruct with basic and comprehendible educational materials and advice in order to equip and empower you to succeed with action steps paired with accountability 

Reside in Truth--Own it!

Just like if you are tending to a garden, you can remove the weeds, plant the seeds but if you fail to water it, weed it and take care of it, the roots will not grow deep, the weeds will creep back in and the garden will fade away into a mess of overgrown weeds. No fruit will be produced.

Residing in truth is the part where we help you get watered and rooted in who you were made to be.

In order to maintain operating in a healthy, balanced, way that promotes overall wellness, we want you to know who's you are and who you were created to be. 

We want to nurture you in a way that produces amazing, good fruit in your life.


so you never miss out on events or useful tools that will equip you for a better today and tomorrow!